Top 7 Christmas (and holiday) tips for the shared family

Top 7 Christmas (and holiday) tips for the shared family

It takes a little while for Christmas, and holidays in general, to feel whole again between 2 homes, and everyone wants to have the opportunity to enjoy them  with the kids.

Here you get 7 good tips for a Merry Christmas, as well as a united holiday, between 2 homes, where the children will enjoy themselves with both parents, and the whole family.

– As with everything else in everyday life in a divorced family, it’s all about focusing on the children. At Christmas (or any other holiday), it is especially important to remember that it is not the children who attend the parents’ celebration, but the parents who plan the celebration around the children.  🙂

Succes in the shared family; plan well in advance

Many families have a fixed role with where holidays should be held. However, there are also all the days leading up to the holiday that should be taken into consideration. Make sure you plan well in advance, to reduce the risk of plans and events running together.

Be flexible

Even though you and your ex live separate lives, the children still have only one family. Therefore, be flexible with arranging for the children to enjoy as much holiday cheer with their close family as possible – whether it is yours or your ex’s part of the family. 

Don’t drown in the competition for the best gifts

Children know well enough that there is a difference between gifts, and who gives what. Don’t worry if there is a difference in the amount of gifts from you and your ex, it’s not a competition, and it’s not what’s important for the kids. 

Prioritize your time with your children with a clear conscience

When you do not have the whole holiday together with your children, it is ok that you are short on time. For the children, there may also be too much to see with holiday visits. Do not be afraid to say “no thanks” to events that are not a direct interest to you or your children. Be honest and tell people that, with holidays split between 2 homes, you need to choose the arrangements that best fit your time and your child’s enjoyment. 

Help your children with the gifts for the other parent

Children also like to give and enjoy. If possible, help the children with a small holiday present for the other parent. For the child, it can be difficult to even think about purchasing a gift without adults to help. 

After the divorce; create new traditions together

Children love traditions. If you are newly divorced, it is about focusing on your new life together – so remember to either stick to the old holiday traditions, or create some new ones with your children.

Share the joy with your children

Remember to share in the joy of your child’s holiday with your ex-partner. For example, share photos or tell about the little fun things the kid’s experience during the holiday. In this way, you as parents can be happy together, but also know about the child’s experiences with the other parent. It benefits the child when both parents can talk about how the holidays have been.
With tailor-made tools for the divorced family, planning for the ever-changing holidays together, as well as sharing photos and wish lists, can be made easier. Here, CoPilots helps parents plan between the 2 homes, and gives each other insight into the child’s everyday life with each other. 


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