From the children: This is how we would like to be notified of the divorce

From the children: This is how we would like to be notified of the divorce

We have asked the children how they prefer to be informed about the divorce

This is how we would like to be notified of the divorce

  • Both parents must be there to talk about the divorce in a calm and composed manner
  • If only one parent is there, it can create, from the start, uncertainty and doubt as to whether we will hold contact with our other parent. 
  • Mom and dad have to agree on what needs to be said, otherwise it is uncomfortable if they disagree in front of os. 
  • Mom and dad need to be prepared, and have a plan for what is going to happen
  • There must be room for us to ask questions about the divorce

This is how we want our 2 homes and upbringing

  • We wish for a daily life with both our parents, as well as a common upbringing and rules
  • Our parents must abide by the appointments and plans made
  • For birthdays and anniversaries, both parents must be present
  • We want a room in both places, so we can feel welcome, and not like a guest

This is how we want the school involved in the divorce

  • The children want the closest teacher(s) to be notified and to inform the class
  • The children want the class to be told to show compassion and consideration

It should be ok that there is contact

  • We want it to be ok that we call home to the other parent
  • If we miss our other parent a lot, we want both parents to be aware that we would like to talk about it, without anyone getting bored. 
  • We want you to help us during vacations, for example, sending postcards or calling our other home to say hello.
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